Regional Recycled Water Project

The Project is located in northern San Diego County. The Project Area consists of the collective service areas of the ten north San Diego County agencies that constitute the Coalition and a small portion of land that extends north of the City of Oceanside.

The western boundary of the Project Area is defined by the Pacific Ocean. The northern boundary of the Project Area is roughly defined by the boundary with Camp Pendleton and Rainbow Municipal Water District. The eastern boundary of the project is roughly the border with Valley Center MWD, the City of Poway, and the City of San Diego. To the south, the Projecr Area is roughly bounded by the City of San Diego.

Project Location

Project Description

The Regional Recycled Water Project is a joint effort of the ten NSDWRC member agencies that seeks to maximize water reuse in the Project Area by creating a regional water reuse system. Water reuse includes recycled water for non-potable purposes, as well as advanced treated water for potable reuse.

The Proposed Project consists of development of regional recycled water infrastructure that includes interagency connections to increase the capacity and connectivity of the recycled water storage and distribution systems of the Coalition. The Proposed Project includes replacing potable water uses with recycled water, converting facilities to recycled water service, connecting discrete recycled water systems to one another, increasing recycled water treatment and storage capacity, distributing recycled water to effectively meet recycled water demands, and implementing advanced water treatment to produce and use potable reuse water within northern San Diego County.

The existing northern San Diego County recycled water system that provides supply to both Coalition and non-Coalition agencies within the Project Area has a tertiary (recycled water) treatment capacity of 25.3 million gallons per day (MGD) and averages 10.0 MGD of tertiary water flow, produced at twelve treatment facilities.

The Project has been developed in two phases: short-term and long-term. The short-term project includes project components necessary to meet the projected demand by 2025. To-date, the focus of the Project has been on the short-term project. All of the potable reuse components have been included in the short-term project, to facilitate implementation of potable reuse as soon as the appropriate regulatory processes have been established. The short-term project is anticipated to increase water reuse in the Project Area by 18,808 acre-feet per year (AFY), or over 6 billion gallons per year.

The long-term project has been developed to meet project demands for 2035. Only preliminary work has been completed for the long-term project, such as preliminary demand projections and conceptual planning. The long-term project is anticipated to increase water reuse in the Project Area by an additional 16,662 AFY, or over 5 billion gallons per year, on top of the increase already expected from the short-term project. In total, the Project is anticipated to increase water reuse by 35,000 AFY, or over 11 billion gallons.

For more information on water reuse, visit the Water Reuse page.

Short-term and Long-term Project

The table below shows the roles and responsibilities of each Coalition member, along with the Project groups (customers and pipelines) to which it will deliver or supply water. Refer to the Project Map for the location of each Group.

Coalition Agency Roles and Responsibilities

Coalition Agency
Coalition Member Delivers Water
Coalition Member Provides Supply
Olivenhain MWD
Group H
Carlsbad MWD
Group A, Group B
Group L, Group O
City of Escondido
Group C, Group D
Group I, Group M
City of Oceanside
Group G
Group O
Leucadia WWD
Group A, Group E, Group H, Group K
Rincon del Diablo MWD
Group I, Group J
San Elijo JPA
Group E
Group H, Group K
Santa Fe ID
Group K
Vallecitos WD
Group L, Group M, Group N
Group B
Vista ID
Group O


Documents hosted here have been produced in support of the project and are available for download using the links below